What to expect

An initial assessment comprises 1:1 formal and informal testing with your child; consultation with parents/carers and relevant school staff; classroom and playtime observations. A report is then written, outlining your child’s communication strengths and needs. At this stage, involvement will end if it is deemed that your child has no need of further Speech and Language Therapy input. Alternatively, your child will be offered a 6-8-week block of therapy:

Direct therapy – weekly 1:1 sessions with me, working on agreed objectives. Ideally these sessions take place in school, with a member of school staff observing.


Indirect therapy – therapy objectives and activities are provided to school, and I model one therapy session to school staff. The therapy programme is then delivered by that member of staff, and I then review your child’s progress at the end of the therapy block.

Confidentiality – I have a duty to protect your and your child’s privacy. Whilst and after working with your child, I will not discuss or disclose any information about him/her with any unconcerned party. This is different to consulting and liaising with other professionals, as appropriate, for the benefit of your child, whilst I am working for you. I will only do this with your written consent.

Collaboration – Evidence shows that children make more sustained progress when the therapeutic process is collaborative. I therefore work closely with parents/carers, school staff and other professionals (such as NHS speech and language therapists) in order to ensure that all parties are working to the same agreed objectives. I strongly advocate working towards functional communication objectives for each child on an individual basis, and developing their communicative confidence – what does your child need and want to communicate? Achieving this will sometimes involve adapting aspects of your child’s environment as well as working to develop their own communication skills.

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